WoodSaver® by Bulo & Bosq

a groundbreaking technology for more sustainable veneer production

Belgian sister companies Bosq and Bulo are unveiling WoodSaver®, an innovative technology offering a sustainable solution to reduce waste in veneer production. The result, crafted in Bosq’s workshops, will also be utilized by Bulo for the production of a wide range of furniture collections, marking a significant stride for both companies towards a greener and more circular future.

Belgian veneer producer Bosq, born from the merger of Leysen Wood Trading and Van Vaek Meubelen, builds upon over 100 years of experience in the wood industry. The extensive standarsization of panel dimensions leads to substantial waste in the processing of veneer. Bosq aims to combat this waste and has sought a solution to utilize short veneer offcuts instead of
disposing of them. Bosq developed the WoodSaver technology, which, through an inventive finger-joint technique, reconnects small pieces of veneer. This enables the use of short pieces in the production of standard panels. Not only does this technique preserve the intrinsic value of veneer, which is lost during recycling, but thanks to WoodSaver®, veneer takes on a new dimension! Currently, this technology is applied to thick veneer of one and a half millimeters, with the finger joint barely visible after sanding.

Bulo has already applied the technique to their iconic H2O table, designed in 1994 by Belgian interior architects Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens. The minimalist design of the H2O collection serves as the perfect canvas for this new circular veneer.

As a young entrepreneur and the third generation of a family business, I recognize the need to be more economical with resources. Thanks to the WoodSaver technique, we achieve an efficiency gain of approximately 20% on our raw materials. It is our vision to creatively focus more on circularity in
the future.” – Louis Busschop

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