Wiltcher’s Aware


Wiltcher’s Aware

Another beautiful project in Brussels!
This time, Bulo supplied furniture for the office and meeting room interiors for IT-client Aware, almost 900 square meters on the fourth floor of the prestigious Wiltcher’s building in Brussels. The interior designers of Colliers got complete creative freedom, due to the success of the previously designed interiors for Aware, on the sixth and seventh floor of the same building.


The impressive building’s facade with gold details is a great inspiration to match the furniture seamlessly with the opulence of the interior. This time, the spaces are only meant for internal use, so there was a great opportunity to inject more colors into the design, like gold and bronze accents and retro warm tones, while still maintaining a professional environment and keeping some interior design choices similar to the higher Aware floors in the building for consistency and unity.

Collaborating with Colliers to provide the best possible Bulo furniture in tune with their interior vision always leads to inspiring and colorful outcomes. With eye-catching results Bulo delivered great products once again.



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