Bulo contributes to elegant office interior of Steenoven with panoramic views.


Steenoven recently moved their headquarters to the top floor of the impressive Westwing tower, a brand new building in Roeselare. With its breathtaking views over the city and inspiring interior, designed by B2Ai architects, the working environment for Steenoven's employees feels both inspiring and monumental.

Bulo proudly provided multiple furniture pieces for the entire floor consisting of multiple meeting rooms, offices and a reception area. Steenoven's workspaces radiate tranquility and sophistication, so Bulo made sure the furniture pieces seamlessly blended with the atmosphere of the beautiful, open spaces. The grandeur of our large oval SB55 table stood as a centerpiece in one of the meeting rooms, and formed a perfect match with the classy SL58 chairs. The reception area is equipped with comfortable and elegant Monica lounge chairs, accompanied by the Senses coffee table to create a pleasant welcoming atmosphere. Aside from the iconic H2O tables, we also provided an impressive bespoke 'Ton' meeting table with an beautiful oak table top. For seating, Bulo paired it with the VVD Chairs that are equally as comfortable as they are sophisticated. To bring in some playfulness, the iconic seating element on wheels 'Skater' by Hannes Wettstein found its way into this interior design story. Bulo's signature pieces found their place, radiating an ambiance of luxury and professionalism. Every piece, meticulously curated, contributes to a warm and professional environment that sparks inspiration and fosters productivity and collaboration.