Bulo contributes to a warm and vibrant sharing dining venue!


ISS Vilvoorde recently transformed their Co-Space Dining area with advice from Bulo, in collaboration with Colliers.

This Co Space isn't just about dining—it's a place where colleagues from ISS and neighboring offices can come together, share ideas, and build relationships over a delicious meal. To further enhance the inviting atmosphere, Bulo has infused this project with warmth and functionality. From cozy seating arrangements such as the velvet-covered SL Chairs to carefully curated tables, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to cultivate a sense of togetherness.

The SB55 stands as the centerpiece of this project, boasting a magnificent V-shaped trestle structure crafted from solid wood. This design element not only provides architectural flair but also imbues the tables with a sense of warmth and homeliness. You can find these beautiful tables gracing both communal areas and meeting rooms, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to every space.