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Gensler Miami

Gensler’s Miami team was well into the process of designing a new office when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Thrust into a remote working environment over the course of a weekend, they had to figure out how to move forward with their own office design while also guiding clients through their own transformations. The moment was a real test.

Although the jump from an environment of physical interactions to virtual ones was abrupt, they understood that the pendulum would not swing back in an instant. It would take time for the team to adjust being together again, for various reasons ranging from safety and health to the balance that remote work brought to some people’s lives. Considering this new reality and all it demands, they decided not to move forward with the design we had cooked up before the pandemic.

Instead they reimagined plans for the new Gensler Miami with a decision to eschew traditional workplace planning methods and go back to the drawing board to create an office space crafted around two key drivers: purpose and engagement.

Project: Gensler Miami

Date Completed: 2021

Products: Monica Lounge

 Devon Banks