Residential timber frame construction

Collectiv4 Architects, an architectural firm based in Leuven with focus on both architecture and interior architecture, was faced with the challenge of realizing a new, compact, practical and above all maintenance-friendly house with a peaceful character. Bulo was one of the assisting partners.

Bulo as a partner in office, residence and hospitality

Despite the fact that Bulo is mainly known for its B2B projects, the brand welcomes every interior(architect) with a residential project. Because the blurred boundaries between the work and home environment since a few years, and the role of Covid-19 as a catalyst in this evolution, the “multi-purpose degree” of Bulo furniture is becoming more and more striking.

Nevertheless, Bulo furniture mainly distinguishes itself in its architectural appearance and quality, and not necessarily in its prescribed use. Because a design piece of furniture has a high multi-purpose degree in the allocation of space, the sustainability factor of the product increases as well, which Bulo recognizes as a great added value. In other words with just a few pieces of furniture, the user has the option of redesigning spaces without being forced to buy new ones or may simply continue an interior line because, for example, a chair was made available in different heights.


The timber frame construction, built elon an elongated plot of land in a fairly rural environment, had to contain a lot of light and radiate tranquility at the same time, without appearing “massive”.


The exterior looks sleek and elegant/ The presence of a patio on the side creates a great luminosity. The oak front door and garage door soften the sleek appearance.


The solid oak legs of the H2O table, created by interior designers Bataille & ibens, are a perfect match with the custom-made cabinets in the background. The top in a soft touch laminate makes the table fingerprint proof. Partly because of this, the space can be used as a dining room or as a workplace. The very maintenance-friendly finish of the top ensures the feeling of hygiene, despite the dining aspect.

The seating comfort of the upholstered SL58 chairs contributes to this versatility, which makes working or cozy dining for several hours possible. This timeless chair is designed by the Belgian icon Léon Stynen.

The SL58 bar stool makes it possible to extend the choice of chairs within the design concept to a ‘bar’ or in this case to a kitchen island.

Text: Based on a text by Philip Doutreligne and online magazine The Art of Living.
Photography: © Dré Wouters