Senses x Paper Factor: Olive Terrazzo

Humanistic design ahead of its time
When Nathalie Van Reeth set out to create a more humanistic office environment in 2019, she was ahead of her time. Now, after several years of working from home, most employers feel the need to create a space that is welcoming, blurs the lines between home and office, and adapts to people’s workflow. With a simple set of criteria, Nathalie collaborated with Bulo Design to design forms that are less rigid, less rectangular, and less severe. Influenced by softer forms found in nature, they created a highly functioning system that, bereft of unnecessary elements and too many straight edges, would make people feel more
at home.

“I wanted to create a more humanistic work environment that adapts naturally to the workflow. By choosing organic shapes and tactile materials, I wanted to bring softness to the workplace,” – Nathalie Van Reeth.

With its organic shapes and tactile materials sourced from residential design rather than business environments, Nathalie’s Senses collection is both an innovative desk system and a calming addition to the living space.

Bringing art restoration techniques to interior design
To complement the oval legs clad in walnut or beech veneer, Bulo worked with Paper Factor to create a set of warm, tactile, and sustainable tabletops. With its origin in the production of papier-mâché, the compound has been used for over 35 years in art restoration and has only recently been introduced in the field of interior design with the launch of the Senses collection in 2019.

Today, Bulo is adding one of Paper Factor’s latest innovations to its collection: Olive Terrazzo, a new sustainable surface consisting of the micro paper compound mixed with recycled post-consumer residuals from the local olive oil production that give the material its deep red color. Gradual manual pressure during the mixing process creates a veined flow in the impasto, a minimal, frozen movement resulting in a marbled look.

The use of recycled materials in the production of the Olive Terrazzo makes it great option for those looking to make more conscious furniture choices. Additionally, the warm and tactile texture of the tabletop surface complements the organic shapes of the Senses collection and adds a calming touch to any space. The Olive Terrazzo is available in coffee, side, and desk table formats and can be used with all three available shapes: “Bean”, “Egg”, and “Rock”.