Product showcase Tab Mesh by Alain Berteau

A new member in the Tab family

Tab Mesh task chair
Tab Mesh visitor's chair
Tab Mesh chair on 4 legs

Bulo continues the journey towards providing solutions for new workspaces in response to the flexibility that is demanded nowadays with launching the new Tab Mesh, available for order since January 2022. Tab Mesh is an addition to Bulo’s Tab collection known for its typical classic silhouette in a high-tech jacket. Together with Belgian designer and architect Alain Berteau. Bulo decided to innovate this collection on new ways of working by adding a competitively priced alternative based upon a strong design with clever features. Launching the Tab Mesh, Bulo adds a new product to the category of ‘Task office chairs’: a highly flexible and ergonomic chair with minimal use of materials and a stimulation for increased body movement whilst seated.

Minimal use of material | Fabrics & ecofriendly
Using a shrink technology, the fabric smoothly fits the frame of the chair and creates the right tension on the fabric that enables ergonomic seating or briefly said the perfect ‘less is more chair’. Due of this tension, the use of materials is limited to its minimum which results more efficient resource management and in less emission on our planet. By selecting the right high-end German quality fabric, Bulo was able to go further the variety of colors compared to most mesh office task chairs in typical black. Furthermore, senses will be amused by the structure of the fabric.

Less materials means less weight. Whether it will be at the office, coworking space or at home this chair will accompany the user to every nearby space or desk of its easy lightweight transport.

Besides the perfect tension on the self-supporting fabric of the chair, no tension will be experienced on the body of the user. The concept behind the design process was the intuitive ergonomics. Equipped with a tilt mechanism and 3D adjustable arm rest this chair can rightfully be called ergonomic, encouraging increased body movement whilst seated.

Versatile designs
Bulo wouldn’t be Bulo if it wouldn’t explore all the design opportunities. “Let’s go further than a classic mesh task office chair and launch 4 variations with different kinds of intended use for various spaces.”

– Tab Mesh high back desk chair (with or without 3D armrests)
– Tab Mesh middle high back desk chair (with or without 3D armrests)
– Tab Mesh visitor’s chair (with or without 3D armrests)
– Tab Mesh chair on 4 legs on glides (no armrests)

Want to break the mainstream by choosing a colorful, ecofriendly and price competitive designers piece out of the new Tab Mesh chairs? Be our guest in one of our showrooms* to have the scoop on the latest collab between Bulo and Alain Berteau.

*Due to the recently started production, the chairs are not yet present in each showroom. If you want to visit a showroom other than Mechelen (Belgium), first contact us by mail or phone +32 15 28 28 28 or contact a representative to be sure the chair is present in the nearest showroom.