Palm veneer – palm is not a wood, it’s a grass

Palm veneer – 100% ecologic
Palm veneer* is an innovative and 100% ecological material, because it is ‘non-forest’ based. This grass species is sustainable and a good alternative to prevent/ reduce the degradation of rainforests.

Palm is not a wood, it’s a grass
Among the many kinds of veneers, palm is labeled ‘ECO’. A category in which the recovery of local wood and the upscaling of inferior wood to a high-quality end product are central. The ‘palm’ is a veneer made from grasses, which grows much faster than other tree types. This high hardness veneer with its rich dark color and consistent texture is suitable for use in a variety of interior applications.

With sister company Bosq, the exclusive manufacturer for Bulo, Bulo is able to offer total projects including customization. Customization in the field of furniture as well as counters, custom-made cabinets, etc.

* Veneer is a thin layer of ‘real’ wood cut using a technology to get the maximum return from a tree trunk. This environmentally friendly technique preserves the unique qualities and natural beauty of the raw material at the same time