In honour of Paul Ibens

In the nineties, Bulo switched its focus from commercial office furniture to a design-oriented approach. This approach contained working with renowned designers and architects. By these collaborations, our product design team kept on finding the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Our first collaboration was with the Antwerp interior designers Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens around 1995. They were commissioned to design their concept of ‘the desk’. Their answer? The H20 table, a return to the archetype of the universal table. The table was inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. 25 years later, this table is still one of our most popular pieces. Well, that’s what we call an iconic and timeless design.

Sadly, our long-term collaborator Paul Ibens passed away last weekend. In honour of his work, here is a listing of our favourite pictures.